Llotja de Mar declaration

October 2019

In view of the decision of the Spanish judicial system to sentence the legitimate representatives of the people of Catalonia and the leaders of the social organisations that made the referendum on 1 October 2017 possible, and as a result of the serious restriction that this sentence will have on political action hereinafter, the political powers signing this declaration wish to share the following reflections with our people, as well as with the public opinion in Spain, the European Union and the countries of the world:

1. More than four decades after the approval of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, the impossibility of achieving the full democratisation of the State has been proven due to the resistance of the old structures of the former regime and due to a lack of political desire on behalf of the main Spanish parties. The undeniable modernisation of the State in many areas has not reached sectors that are fundamental for a homologated democratic functioning. Certain political, judicial, economic, police and media environments have, through act or omission, prevented Spain from becoming a fully democratic, modern State such as those of its European context.

2. During recent years, coinciding with the appearance of main political trends, both at a state level as well as national minorities who have questioned the result of the transition, the State has entered into a stage of regression towards politics of an increasingly authoritarian, less democratic and more repressive nature. This antidemocratic reaction has also affected the various people who today make up the Spanish State, as well as the movements of a national scope that seek for a modernisation of the State and the definitive overcoming of the former regime. The restriction of rights and liberties is quite clear today in the eyes of all citizens.

3. The lack of respect of the right to self-determination that Spain took on and recognised on signing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is a corollary of an increasingly greater compendium of democratic setbacks from which our nations are suffering: no recognition or respect for multinationalityñ-´´´´´´, no separation of powers, ongoing threats of suspending autonomy, self-government and historic rights through any means, a permanent cutback in our respective levels of self-government through the interventionism of the Constitutional Court and a recentralised legislative action, arbitrary arrests of political and social leaders, police persecution of political activists and activities of a non-violent nature, penitentiary policies and exceptional legislations, persecution of artists and publications, etc.

4. Therefore, and being highly concerned about the serious effects that the sentences against the Catalan political and social leaders will have on exercising the fundamental rights of all citizens, we confirm the need to reach a political agreement to bring us together in the defence of the following points:

A. The right to self-determination of our respective people

B. The democratic, peaceful character of all our political activity

C. The release of the political prisoners and the return of those in exile

D. Civil and political liberties

E. Social and economic policies that enable the progress of our people

5. In defence of these contents, we take on and manifest our commitment to the search for democratic, stable solutions to the public conflict that is affecting our people in the heart of the Spanish State.

6. Finally, we appeal to the international community to enable, support and promote such solutions. © 2019